“Yoga requires infinite time and no ambition.” -- Vanda Scaravelli, author of Awakening the Spine

Breathe new life into your body and spirit as you explore yoga more deeply and mindfully. We will focus on elongating and freeing the spine and bringing aliveness into the postures through breath and attentiveness to the flow of energy in our bodies.

My classes and private lessons are appropriate for students of all levels of physical ability and yoga experience, including those who have never studied yoga. We will spend time exploring each posture, paying close attention to how the alignment and freeing of the spine releases tension throughout the whole body. Starting where we are and directing our attention to the present moment, we will learn to listen to and follow the natural intelligence of the body.

Yoga for Beginners and Begin-Againers

Do you think you’ll never be able to learn to practice yoga or to pick up your yoga practice again after all these years because you’re too

  • Stiff
  • Tired
  • Uncoordinated
  • Etc.?

Yoga is available to anyone who desires to learn it. No matter what your body type, experience or flexibility, this wonderful and transforming practice is actually already within you, waiting to be awakened. You need only give it the time, space and patience it needs to grow and flower.

Yoga for Experienced Practitioners

Have you studied yoga for a few or many years and would like to
Deepen your practice?
Explore the postures from a different perspective?
Approach yoga with a beginner’s mind?

Yoga is alive! It is an every-flowing river of energy, changing and growing as we do. To come to the postures anew each time we practice, to be sensitive and alert as we engage our practice – this is the true essence of yoga. No matter how many years you have practiced yoga, the postures must never become static or lose their aliveness.

Yoga for those with Physical Disabilities or Injuries

Do you believe yoga is unavailable to you because you have physical limitations due to an injury or long-term disability?

Yoga is much deeper and more profound than putting the body into various prescribed positions. When done regularly, it takes us to a place deep within ourselves. We become aware of the subtle movements, openings and changes in the spine and how this affects the whole body. Even if we have limitations in our movement, yoga is still there for us. We can experience profound changes by learning to engage the postures through the wisdom of our bodies.

This powerful practice can lead us to true freedom!

Yoga Classes

Classes are typically an hour and a half long and meet on a weekly basis. Class size is usually between 4 and 8 students.

In addition to my regular weekly classes, I am available to teach classes to private groups at homes or offices.

Private Yoga Lessons

Private lessons are available for anyone who would like to focus on her/his own practice or explore particular postures in more depth.

You may also share a private lesson with another student. This allows both students to receive more focused attention from me, while giving the opportunity to learn by watching one another as I work individually with each student.